Meet My Notary Cy!

My Notary is the only online service in Cyprus that allows you to order documents from the Registrar of Companies, notarize documents, obtain an apostille, and register a company fully remotely and keeping track on the status of your order.

Check this out –  We offer Notary services with a convenience of placing orders and have all the communication fully online! We deliver original documents worldwide and the costs of the services are significantly lower than any other law/fiduciary firm in Cyprus would offer.

My Notary has a cosy office in the center of Limassol, which is opened by appointments and clients are welcome to book theirs at any time of the day. Have something urgent to certify and need a meeting not later than in an hour? This is doable! Or maybe you need to have the electronic extract from the Registry with the details about your Cyprus company in the next 30 minutes? We can do that too! Just get in touch and we arrange everything fast and smooth!

Shortly about what My Notary can help you with:

Certifications of documents by Certifying Officer (such as POA, Rental Agreements, Bank forms, Immigration forms, forms and documents for buying/selling/renting a property, forms of Electricity and Water authorities, forms of car transfer, etc)

Certifications of copies of the documents with lawyer (such as True Copy of passport, True copy of a utility bill, which are very often required when opening a bank account or applying for visa, etc)

Obtaining apostille on any type of original documents issued in Cyprus (for the document to be valid out of Cyprus, which very often is required by Migration departments, Banks, etc)

– Obtaining Company Documents from the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus (such as fresh set of Company Certificates which many banks are asking to provide them with quite often, as well as recent MAA or a Certificate of Good Standing, etc)

Running company search and receiving an electronic extract from the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus with details about the company (which is very often requested by Banks and any other payment institutions for compliance purposes, or by lawyers/fiduciary firms when you wish to change a provider of the management of your company, etc)

– And more services that you can find information about on our website:

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